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  • Tim is currently booking performances for the rest of 2014 and 2015. Tim is excited to perform and bring his show all over Canada. For a press package or to book Tim please contact.


 September 29 ,2012

The Prince Albert City Police hosted a Dance that had the likes of the Fire department, EMS, Penn Guards, Jail guards, and any one else who wanted to come out and have a good time. Complete Success!!!

 August 11, 2012

4th time playing in Candle Lake, again at Ric's Lounge. Always fun and good party playin there. Thanks to Ric, Sheldon and the crew.

 July 25th and 26th , 2012

Tim played in a golf tournament for the SPCA, which he played a few songs for.

 July 21 ,2012

Played a wedding in Lloydminster for one of the biggest and most beautiful receptions we have seen in a long time. lots of people and lots of fun. Congratulations to Elyssa and Colin.  

 July 13 ,2012

3rd time playing in Candle Lake, however a different Venue. We had a blast playing for a golf tournament at the beautiful Candle Lake Golf Resort. Thanks to everyone that had a hand in making the night a success. 

 May 12, 2012

Had the pleasure of playing at a wedding reception for a good friend. The night went on without a hitch...congratulations to The Kachurs.

 May 4, 2012

Shawn, Jamey, Nancy and Tim played for a garage party tonight and had a great time. Happy Birthday Lisa  

April 21, 2012

We had the pleasure of playing for the 4 R's just north  of Prince Albert. Another successful night. 

 March 24 ,2012

The band played for a wonderful cause. Testicular Cancer which affects many Men in todays society. We were honored to play for a huge fundraiser along with Novus Hair Salon.

 December 13 ,2011

The band had a rehearsal tonight for The Boxing Day Bash in Birch Hills and New Years in Battleford at the Casino. Should be a crazy upcoming couple of weeks.

December 10 ,2011

We Played at the Frank Dunn Toyota Christmas Party and had a blast. Thanks to the staff, friends and family.

September ,2011

Tim played a few celebrity golf tournaments and sang the national anthem at the 1st opening Raider game of the year. More dates and times are happening everyday. Keep updated on times and locations near you!! Thanks for supporting everyone.

August 20, 2011

2nd time playing in Candle Lake and again it was a crazy fun time, thanks to the staff and crew from Ric's Lounge that made the night a success.

July 14-16, 2011

Tim played The Stampede at Avacados ion 17th Ave. 2 nights inside and one night under the tent in the back. It was a close intimate performance that had people wanting more. Thanks to Brad and Blair for a wonderful time. 

July 8-10, 2011

Tim played in a gold tournament called " THE GETZ CLASSIC". Even though he didnt fair so well in the tournament, there was a night he ended up taking out the guitar and had people singing along pretty much all night. Great weekend had by all.

June 17-19, 2011

Opening for Trooper in Thompson was by far one of the best experiences the band has had in the past year. They were wonderful great performers and sounded like they did 20 years ago. Tim came out on stage for an hour to get the crowd pumped up and Trooper ended the night. All had fun!!

April 30, 2011

Playing Battleford Rodeo was such crazy fun. Tim, Shawn and Nancy showed up Friday to play an acoustic set for the organizers and it turned out excellent. People danced until the wee hours. The next day for the Cabaret, Tium and the band were treated like royalty by the staff and crew. They would like to thank the organizers and most of all the people that showed up for the dance. It was a blast.

April 21, 2011

Tims 1st time to play the Annual Spring Fling at the PAGCC. If you were there, you would have seen a great show and good times had by all. Tim again lit up the stage and pulled the crowd in to enjoy it with him.

February 26, 2011

Being a special guest at the Nountry North Show has always turned out to be a great time. Again Prince Albert came out to party and have a good time...thanks everyone.


December 31, 2010
Tim Chauvin Alberta for the 1st time and had a blast. Chauvin people sure know how to party!!! Thanks Guys!!!!

December 26, 2010
Tim played in Birch Hills for the Boxing Day bash. It was an amazing time with friends and fans. Playing for a sold out crowd he energized the room with up beat country and rock.

 October 20, 2010
Tim is in the developing stages of making his 1st video to hopefully be played on CMT in the near future. Contacting many industry proffessionals, he hopes to give the video audience what they have been waiting for. Expect a video in the coming months along with another single released to radio!

October 18, 2010
This past weekend marked Tim's 3rd appearance at Ranchman's Bar and Grill in Calgary. The award winning bar has developed a soft spot for Tim to play at, seeing that they have welcomed him in their family of regular playing artists. This past weekend was no exception. Playing to a crow of over 800 people, Tim felt like he was at home playing for family. It turned out to be one of the highest energy performances Tim has ever delivered. He can't wait to return. 

September 25, 2010
Tim performed in the parking lot of Lakeland Ford to mark the Re-Grand Opening. Since New ownership, Lakeland has seen much success and had asked Tim to perform to welcome Prince Albert Officially. It was an amazing event.

August 3, 2010
This past weekend, Tim played Ranchman's in Calgary for the 2nd time and had the time of his life again. Everytime he gets to Calgary, people keep asking for him to come back. Well we've got good news for everyone. He is playing again in October. Look out Calgary!!

July 10, 2010
This past weekend, Tim played for the 1st time in Candle Lake in an outdoor concert. With a sold out crowd, he played until the early hours for a wonderful energetic crowd. He would like to thank Ric, Sheldon and the staff at Ric's Lounge for a wonderful event, and hopes to do it again in the future.

 July 2, 2010
Tim played Rabbit Lake again with some unbelievable artists, thanks again the the staff that made this festival a success.

June 15, 2010
Congratulations to Chris Henderson on winning the "Next Big Thing" held in Regina this past weekend. Tim put on one of his best shows and had an amazing time. Both Chris Henderson and Foxx Worthee put on incredible shows and received invaluable advice and guidance from the judges after the show. Expect to see all three rise in the ranks in the country music industry.

  May 30th, 2010
Congratulations to Tim for winning the semi-finals for the "Next Big Thing" contest in Regina. He had 2 wonderful Music Artists he was up against, Stephanie Thomson &  Jasmine Paige, who put on an awesome show. Tim now has the task of competing against two other seasoned amazing artists, Foxx Worthee and Chris Henderson in the finals. The Finals will be at the Pump in Regina, Sunday June 13th. Doors open at 6:30, the show starts at 7:30. Good luck to all the performers and good luck to Tim in trying to be "The Next Big Thing".

May 26th, 2010
A big thanks to Ken Landers and Don Mitchell at 900 CKBI in Prince Albert, Maureen Dillon from CJMQ Quebec, Dave Woods from Blog Talk Radio in Ontario, Dave Baker from CJVR in Melfort, and Sean Green from Ireland for the interviews. Also a big thanks for all the other radio stations featuring and playing his song "7 Year Itch". You have all helped to make this a great and successful release for Tim. A huge thank you also goes out to Lauren Tutty for tracking and helping to make Tim become a much more well known country artist in Canada.

April 21st, 2010
Tim entered 2 songs into a contest for a chance to open for Bon Jovi in either Edmonton(Men are Stoopid) or Regina (Easy Train). There is an Icon at the bottom of this page called "Our Stage". Click on the link to be able to vote for Tim. Sign up is free and you can judge as many times as you want. It's set up so you will only be able to judge the 2 bands that pop up on your screen. If you see Tim, please vote for him. Let's see if we can get him opening for BON JOVI!!

April 20th, 2010
Listen to 900 CKBI in Prince Albert, SK. today at 3 pm for Tim's new Single "7 Year Itch". Tim will be in the studio as well for a quick interview with Ken Landers.

April 9th, 2010
After long anticipation, Tim will be releasing his second single to Canadian Country Music Radio. The single will be released on Monday, April 19th. Listen for it and request the single on your local country radio station. 
March 16th, 2010

Tim has been nominated for the 2010 Saskatchewan Country Music Association "Male vocalist of the year" award. The awards are being held in Regina, April 16th - 18th. Stay tuned to see the outcome. Tim sends his best wishes to all other nominees.

March 14th, 2010

Tim performed this past Saturday in Colonsay with Sheldon Bergstrom and friends for 300 people. The event was an annual fundraiser. The entire evening was a huge success.

March 10th, 2010 

Here is an article that is currently on the Canadian Country Music Association website. 
On the Horizon...

Tim Toutant

Tim Toutant

It's hard enough to break through in the Canadian Country Music Industry, let alone reinvent the genre altogether. Ok, well maybe he's not quite reinventing Country music, but Tim Toutant's unique brand of rocking Country is certainly not something that you would have heard at a concert ten years ago; if you ask any of his fans, you likely wouldn't have experienced a show like his either.

So whose music compares to the distinctive style that characterizes Tim's sound? His answer: "No one". Well actually, according to Tim, his music is an amalgamation of all of his favorite artists, (Garth Brooks and Keith Urban to name a few). He doesn't deliberately try to emulate their sound, but rather, strives to capture the entertainment qualities of their showmanship. The result is a truly original performance, and a sound to match.

With such innate talent, one might wonder what drew Tim to pursue a career in country music. It all started at the age of 19 when his friend invited him to a night of uninhibited opportunities at a karaoke bar. Although he had been singing since the age of 5, Tim's performance experience on the stage was limited. However, his inexperience was rendered irrelevant by his powerful voice and energetic stage presence. For Tim, "It's all about entertaining", and his fans couldn't agree more.

Putting on a good show is one thing, writing and recording original material however, is quite another. But Tim is no stranger to challenging trials: "my niece passed away at three months and I was devastated; I stopped performing for three years after that. Then suddenly something miraculous happened. I was on the first hole of the Prince Albert Golf course when I was inspired to just get into the recording studio." And the result was a passionately propelled album, which was dedicated to the very person who provoked Tim's triumphant return to the Country music scene. You never know what might come of a tragedy.

Now that we know where his inspiration to record was derived, where does Tim find the material to write about? The answer was no shock: "I write about life; most of the songs on my album are about things that have happened to me. I've experienced every one of those songs." A lot of his co-writes are also reflective of his life. "Co-writing is a truly rewarding process through which I share my stories with other writers, and together, we translate it into a song." You might say that every track reveals a little bit of Tim's personality- what a great way to get to know someone.

With his high level of energy and enthusiasm, Tim makes it clear that he loves to entertain. "I'm not in it for the money and I'm not in it for my own benefit. I'm in it to make at least one out of those hundreds of people in the audience leave satisfied by a great show." Tim loves the challenge, and his fans love him for that alone . . . oh yeah, not to mention his music is great as well!

Artist Biography


Having taken the last three years promoting and playing all over Saskatchewan and Alberta, Tim has certainly stamped his name on the new up and coming stars of country music. With his high energy, non-stop rock country performances, you can guarantee he will light a fire that can't be put out, wherever the venue. Writing, singing and performing are his passions and have been since he started singing over 15 years ago. In the past 3 years he has completed a 12 song CD with Canadian born Producer and performer Steve Fox, written dozens of new songs, performed with the likes of Johnny Reid in Rabbit Lake and played many other events. His goal is to leave the fans wanting more and from the looks of things, He's not going to slow down. Look out Canadian Country Music, Tim Toutant is on his way up!









Tim Toutant

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